Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mistreating Animals

I have touched on a similar subject just in the last week on my blog.  I had a reader leave a comment a couple of days ago about how he/she loves animals and believes they have worth.  This person also went on to say that we live in a 'throw-away society' and that our values and morals are eroded...there's exploitation of so many animals.  It's unfortunate and heartbreaking...and I agree with all these comments.  I don't understand how we can claim we are a 'civilized' society or that we're even 'human' anymore.  I think there is so much violence all around us, we have become desensitized to the majority of it.

Perhaps because we have more avenues in which to obtain it is right at our fingertips, 24 and 7, we hear about it pretty much every day.  I have 'liked' many FaceBook pages for animal shelters, sanctuaries, abuse and neglect, name it, I keep posted on many issues regarding dogs.  I have a doggie prayer journal, and I write down certain specifics about each dog I see, then I pray for their rescue or a furever home...I pray for healing of injured and abused/neglected pets.  For reasons I don't understand, pets (and all animals) seem to be 'second class'.  There are people who think they have no emotions and don't feel pain.  How wrong they are.  I've been around far too many to believe that!

It really seems like in the last year the number of abuse, neglect,  and endangerment cases involving animals, many of them dogs (and cats) have become national headlines.  Unimaginable crimes against innocent creatures...and no remorse! It sickens me....sometimes physically to see and hear of these things.  How could anyone be so mean and heartless?  I'm currently studying canine nutrition, but I have a feeling that all this awareness I'm encountering against God's innocent, blameless creation will lead me down the road to study animal law.  I do not feel that current laws are strict or harsh enough, and I'd like to see that change.  There have been some small victories over the past several months.  I believe there are enough animal lovers out there...and if the outcry is loud enough....we can make some changes in how these abusers are charged. I'd truly like to see the biblical 'eye for an eye' punishment doled out...that'd suit me just fine.  I think we'd have a lot less problems.

I can't say it enough...we are their voice....we have to stand up and speak out for them.  I see so many pictures of sad, scared faces and visible rib cages with skin clinging to them because of starvation.  This is nonsense...there is no reason for it.  I have said it before...if you see abuse...don't walk 911...something...let someone know! I pray for continued victories, and I am indebted to those who are out there in shelters, rescues and vet offices helping these sweet babies, directly involved in many cases emergency situations with these lovable creatures.  We can all help...we can all do something....I hope we chose to.


  1. I wish more people would take a stand for these innocent victems

  2. It is out of control, definitely....I think that is a poor reflection on our society. It needs to change, it has to change.