Monday, April 23, 2012

Dogge dental help...Top Performance has a product called Pro Dental - Professional Dental Solution. This is added to your doggies water to reduce plaque build-up, freshen breath and whiten teeth. What I like about it is, it does not have ANY artificial colors in it! (like the Blue #4, Red #2, Yellow # whatever!). I also like the PetzLife Oral Care basically serves the same purpose as the Pro Dental, but it's a gel you rub on your doggie's gums and teeth. Both of these really help to keep your doggie's teeth in great shape (especially after they've had a dental!) The best price on these (and believe me, I've researched it) is on (that means everybody can get these great products!)

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  1. Thank u Anita for sharing your knowledge. You have helped me so much. You have taught me better safer care for my animals.