Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Quick Word About Cooking For Your Dog....

Cooking for your dog is really not any more difficult than cooking for yourself.  I know, more and more people tend to eat out these days, but cooking at home is by far better than fast fooding.  (Note: Please don't feed your dog fast food!  More about this in future blogs)

If you're steaming veggies for yourself, throw some in for Fido.  Dogs do have a harder time digesting veges, so cut them up small for them to aid in the digestion process.  There are certain foods your dog shouldn't have, and I will discuss these in future blogs.  With warmer weather and cook out season coming up, you shouldn't feed your dogs corn.  It's hard for them to digest and many dogs have allergies to corn.  Never let your dog eat a corn cob, this can pose serious health risks.  In fact, go easy on the starchy 'vegetables', such as peas and potatoes, limit these to small amounts.

I eat my oatmeal prepared the same way I give it to my dogs.  I have heard so many people say their dogs wouldn't eat the things I feed mine.  Truth is, they haven't tried feeding their dogs these foods!  Portion control is important (just like it is for humans)  Too much of even a good thing can put unwanted pounds on your pets, and that's not healthy.  Even a gain of one pound in a small dog could be as much as a 20% weight gain.

Adding vegetables to your dogs other foods such as green beans or broccoli add fiber, thus satiety to their diet.  These are low in calories, and have many good nutrients as well.  Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is not only good for their joints, it's good for quality of life.
I will be adding more about cooking and nutrition for you dogs, and including some 'recipes' and food combinations I use for my dogs.  To your dog's good health!

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  1. I would love for you to share some "easy" receips with us. Perhaps a weeks menu. For small dogs, med. dogs and Large dogs. Somethimes my common sense doesn't kick in, so I really don't know where to start, even to I am very interested.

    Sherry (Braselton, GA.)