Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dog Nutrition – It Really Does Matter

Dogs don’t need junk food any more than people need it.  We all need nourishment.  It should be quality, whole foods, not fragments or incomplete nutrients.  What we feed our dogs (and ourselves, for that matter) not only affects their health and how they will function over their lifetime, it can also affect their behavior, and quite possibly what illness or disease may arise.  Think about it, you eat junk, it makes you feel ick…you feel ick, maybe you’re not so nice to other people…same for your dog…except they don’t know why they feel that way.
Learning and developing proper eating protocol is a necessity, since we domesticate these animals into our toxic world.  Applying that knowledge is paramount to build and maintain a healthy immune system.  We want our dogs to be active and well.  This can only come from improving their food program and supplementing with quality products to fill in the gaps as needed.
Even a canine body is complex in how it functions.  What we feed them has a direct effect upon their internal organs, as well as external…skin, coat, nails, eyes, etc.  If something is awry inside, it may well work its way out!  We need to determine what each dog in our care requires, as they are individual, even if they’re blood siblings.
Perhaps you’ve adopted a stray or a dog you know nothing of his/her background.  Where do you start? Issues common in these ‘unknowns’ such as dehydration, emancipation and allergies can take time to turn around.  Consistent attention is required, no slacking allowed.  This is serious stuff!  No hit or miss.  Quality is a must to nourish and allow for rebuilding.  You can see results in some cases in about three week, depending on the severity of the issue, length of time the dog has had the problem, age of the dog, size and breed.  All these factors weigh into the process.
Dogs with a compromised immune system require careful consideration to diet selections, supplements and monitoring.  Any time you notice something that could be a symptom, most times it will be something small or seemingly insignificant, be proactive.  Learn all you can that will help your dog to get better.  Even the canine body is capable of amazing repair and recovery when fed the right nutrients.  Many times this will require a combination of treatment.  It may be necessary to mix ‘conventional’ with ‘complimentary’, ‘vet’ with ‘owner’.
Derive the most available from the whole foods, quality food combinations first.  Be patient.  Unless you have a life or death situation, which is different, and requires immediate attention, it will be necessary to wait it out for positive, progressive results.
I adopted a little four pound dog who had such severe allergies, she lost all the hair (fur) on the top of her head.  She’s been with us six months now.  The regrowth process is slow, but evident, and my persistent follow thru is obvious.  Another six months with this continuing care will provide more positive results. My hope is that all the fur will return.
What you feed your dog really does matter.  I want to help, because the health of your dog matters to me.

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