Monday, June 11, 2012

Whole Foods For Canine Health

Eating foods in their most natural state is the healthiest way to consume them.  I’m not just making that statement in regards to humans…it’s the same for canines.  Foods that contain unnatural additives, preservatives, chemicals and over-processing are considered foreign invaders to our body once they enter in.  Depending on how much is ingested, over time our insides lose ability to continue fighting off these intruders and illness and disease set in.

When we fed our canine companions cheap kibble and junk food, especially the fast food variety, and allow them too many unhealthy human ‘treats’, we are not doing them any favors.  Of course, they’ll eat it! Mine will eat anything that doesn’t eat them first! It is our responsibility as pet owners to do right by them.  Awww…does that mean they can never have French fries or ice cream? Well, I suppose that would be like me saying, ‘I’ll never eat cake again!’  I know that won’t happen.  However, I think our ‘allowances’ we provide ourselves, many times gets passed along to our pets as well.
The more I learn about canine nutrition, the more it draws me back to my learning over the last two and a half decades.  Knowing better, and not doing better is hypocritical.  We need to make right and healthy choices 99.9999999% of the time.  That needs to be our foundation. ‘Treats’ aren’t very special if they are allowed too often, they lose their effect .  I know it’s not easy….temptations abound.  Stress and peer pressure to partake are all around us.  So much of it for humans is a mindset.  Learning and becoming educated about health and nutrition will cause you to look at a lot of other aspects of your life in a different light.  Hopefully this too will get passed along to your pets.
Dogs do not require pizza, French fries and ice cream in their diet.  Especially if you have a dog suffering from an illness or disease, like cancer or diabetes, it is of utmost importance they be fed correctly.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt their feelings, they won’t feel left out if you bake them some chicken and wild rice and serve it with a side of organic plain yogurt mixed with their favorite fruit.  Believe me, they will love it…and will be better off because of it!
When I eat poorly, I feel poorly.  Lack of energy, sleepiness, not wanting to do activities.  For yourself, you have to get to a point where you say, ‘enough is enough’! And mean it! To do it for your dog, it’s a matter of taking care and charge of a creature that cannot do it for themselves. Be sure their diet isn’t overcooked, overprocessed foods.  Allow their quality eating habits to develop into your healthy eating habits!

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