Thursday, May 3, 2012

Doggie Treats

I'm somewhat of a dog food snob.  I'm sure my furkids appreciate that I am, they just don't realize it.  I picked up some new treats for them last night, so if you have a PetsMart close to you, check it out.  They're 'My Little Wolf' dog treats.  They're made in the United States.  My suggestions, do not buy dog food or dog treats that are made in China! They are lax on their regulations as to what goes into it, to sloppy manufacturing practices, to the long shipping involved.  We can and do have treats made here in our country!  These are grain free.  I got the Salmon-Licious and Pork Liver Recipe (two separate flavors)  They 5.29 ounce bag, for $3.99 each.  They have some great ingredients, the first one being the actual ingredient of the flavor of the treat!  There's dried pumpkin, dried honey, turkey liver, chicken fat...and they are preserved NATURALLY....with mixed tocopherols (which is Vitamin E)...never could understand why artificial preservatives need to be used (they don't)  These are a small soft treat, great for my little ones! Try them for yours....just 2.7 calories per treat!

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