Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quality Supplements

It can be confusing with all the supplements out there.  And when it comes to buying one, wondering if you're getting the best for your furry companion is often like sifting through a haystack in search of a needle.  I have used products from a company called 'In Clover'.  These can be purchased through Only Natural Pet.  (They also have their own website, but I was not able to access it) What's nice is you can view the ingredients, and look at reviews...they get very high marks.  From digestive enzymes to joint supplements to dental aids and more.  They're worth checking out.  Yes, the price is probably more than what you might think you want to spend, but remember, you get what you pay for.  The quality products don't have fillers, artificial colors and man-made chemical substances that aren't safe for your dog.  You'll actually be getting a product that works.  Well then, you might ask, 'why are those other, cheaper products out there?'  Simply put, people will buy them because they don't cost much, and they offer just a little of what you truly need for your pet.  Don't skimp...when it comes to supplements, your dog needs quality.

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